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About Us

Kanga Computer Network was established in 2006 to provide one-stop professional IT services to
businesses client. The company's main customers are Hong Kong SMEs, providing comprehensive
computer support services at reasonable prices to cater for customers.
Services include: smart home, conference room control, network erection and security, wireless
network configuration, Web page creation, programming, web promotion services (SEO)
(Google & Facebook), Computer system maintenance, monitoring system installation,
setting up various equipment, etc.
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In the years of practical experience, we have accumulated a lot of experience in computer service
support, and can provide professional services to customers. Solution and cross-platform system
integration application services. Respond to customer needs at any time, using the latest technology,
Solve computer problems for customers in the shortest time. We provide telephone and remote 
support, in addition to we also provide on-site services to ensure that there is no worries about
the maintenance and upgrade of the corporate network.