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About Us

  Established in 2006, Kanga Computer Network Company provides computer services for personal computer (PC), small business, and large-scale companies like Samsung Hong Kong, Hsin Chong Construction Group Ltd., Manulife Financial and AIA Group Limited.

The principle activities of our company:

  1. Network Cabling
  2. Computer repair and warranty
  3. Computer security
  4. Virtual office establishment
  5. Computer system integration

  With many years of practical experience, we have accumulated lots of experiences about sustainable Enterprise Services Oriented Storage Solutions and computer system integration. Through the formation of strategic alliance with domestic and foreign companies, our company can provide customers with professional IT solution and cross-platform system integration services.

         Kanga  can response customer needs at any time, using the latest technology to ensure the applicability of network to our customers. Also, we can provide immediate support on network maintenance and upgrade.

  Building an enterprise network needs a comprehensive plan, we can help customers to design the most appropriate network and install necessary equipment which can help our customers to reduce the additional cost.

  At Kanga, we promise that we will do our best to reinsure customers. And we have built a strong foundation for sustaining success.